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Why Your Site Isn’t Ranking

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Why Your Site Isn’t Ranking

You want your website to rank highly, but with all of the competition out there, you don’t know where to start. Here are a few useful tips that will help you to improve your website content to keep users on the site longer and convert.

Call to Action

The goal of a site or page should be obvious to any user. This could be making a purchase, contacting you, or reading more on other services that you offer. Make your calls to action clear so that visitors know exactly where to go next.

Increase Content

Although there needs to be content aimed at driving a purchase, there should also be some to raise awareness, consideration and retention. It is important to have content for every stage, and a great way to do this is to add a blog to your site.

Use Testimonials

You may have added testimonials to your page, but are they optimised fully? Adding a testimonial to a relevant page (eg shipping page if it mentions fast shipping) will enhance copy and help a prospective customer to gain trust, further increasing their likelihood to make a conversion.

Technical Talk

Whilst content being written by knowledgeable people isn’t a bad thing, it can sometimes be covered with too much jargon and technical language, which could lose the customer. Be careful to get the balance right, and remember to include customer successes and business results.

increase seo

Internal Links and Layout

The layout and format of content is important for a website, so make sure your most important pages are considered just that. Do this by listing them in the navigation, to increase good user experience and help with SEO.

Internal linking is also a big part in on site SEO (link blog), and blog posts should often link somewhere to a core page on your site.


Tags help to rank your page and increase SEO. Title tags are those that you click onto in SERP’s, so its apparent how vital they are in your bid to rank higher.

Overall, checking your site regularly is a great way to ensure you continuously rank high, and can help you to survey where you need to make improvements.


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Rebecca is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Siren Search.

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