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Google AdWords Sitelinks

Google AdWords Sitelinks

Just over a year ago Google launched a suite of optional advert enhancements called “Sitelinks“. These consisted of additional text links that appeared below the display URL of adverts that met high quality score credentials and provided users with even more interaction opportunities.

How Sitelinks ad extensions Works

The use of Sitelinks was momentous because it was the first time Google had allowed multiple additional inks with text ads in its PPC Management program – AdWords. The links can point to related site content and can contain keywords to entice users.

Creativity by PPC Management Companies allows adverts to push the boundaries and provide clients with a valuable new proposition in PPC Marketing.

History about sitelinks ad

A year on and Google has announced further enhancements and stats indicating that the two-line format of Sitelinks could be attracting over 30% increase in CTR (click through rate). In addition to this, PPC Management Companies in Birmingham and indeed all over the world can now rest assured that the Sitelinks will be displayed based on historic performance as opposed to the order they are submitted.

This change ensures that both advertisers and users are provided with the most relevant Sitelinks to interact with. All advertisers have to do is ensure that more than four Sitelinks are submitted with various character limits.

For more information on Sitelinks or to get a PPC Campaign built with Sitelinks included please contact Siren Search by email at info@sirensearch.co.uk or call freephone 0800 612 8077

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