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What is Off-Site SEO?

What is Off-Site SEO?

Off Site SEO refers to the procedures taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings on search engine results pages. Engines can discover how pages are related to one another, impacting your search rankings, as well as ranking your sites popularity, trustworthiness and authority.

How to Achieve Off-Site SEO


SEO is accomplished by other pages and reputable places on the internet linking to your website, which verifies for the quality of your content.

This can be broken down to three parts: natural links, manually built links and self-created links. Natural links are those given without any action of the page owner, whereas manually built links are those acquired through deliberate link-building activities (such as bloggers sharing your content). Self-created links are those that are created through blog comments and press releases, although these should be implemented with caution, as they could be classed as black hat practices.

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Other Activities

Off-Site SEO can also include any activity that occurs outside of your site and anything that helps to improve your search engine rankings, and so is not limited to just links. Some examples of these are:

  •      Social Media Marketing
  •      Unlinked Brand Mentions
  •      Guest Blogging

Overall, off-site SEO is a great way to increase your websites position on the search engine results page, helping to increase your brand awareness and customer reach. You can also take out activities with On-Site SEO, further helping you in search rankings.

Rebecca is the digital marketing assistant at Siren Search.

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